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Sean Reynolds
I've been working here in Saint Louis since 2006.

I have had a passion for programming for as long as I can remember. I believe I have insight into Artificial Intelligence because I am a naturally analytical person. I own more books on Artificial Intelligence than any other field because I enjoy exploring the subject. I have recently graduated with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Engineering courses during my masters degree. My Bachelors Degree encompassed Physics and Mathematics, which help because they are strong foundations for Artificial Intelligence and Electrical Engineering.

After graduation in May 2004, I moved to London because of my interests in international business, culture and politics. Now I am in a position to take what I have learned and apply it at home in America. I was the CIO at BBA-reman when I left. I went to India to hire and train software engineers on the projects that I developed. I was in charge of everything relating to computers for my company ranging from redesigning our business model around more robust software solutions that I developed, to designing and developing hardware software solutions for automotive test equipment.

I am looking for a company, where I can apply new and innovative ideas with a goal to achieve higher standards of business and development. I would like to work for a company which is on the leading edge of research and development for Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Design. I enjoy contributing my determined resourcefulness to projects, and achieving ground breaking developments.