About Sean Reynolds

Personal Qualifications

I will bring to your company a talent for innovative Software Engineering and experience from high-level object-oriented software to low-level embedded programs in any language. I am uniquely qualified with an understanding of the interplay of Electrical Engineering, Physics and Software within complex designs, bridging Hardware and Software to create tightly integrated solutions. It is important to me to be engaging well with people of all levels skill sets, learning from those ahead and helping those behind.

Biographical Information

I am passionate about engineering and am a naturally analytical person which is advantageous. As a young child I was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked and fixing electronics that had broken, something that to this day I still do. In 2004 I moved to London because I crave diverse perspectives and love to travel. After proving myself as a talented engineer at BBA-reman; the CEO placed me in charge of software for the company. I became the Director of Software Engineering and went to India to hire and lead software engineers on my products. I was responsible for developing test equipment for reducing warranty work, redesigning the manufacturing process around a software job board I wrote and creating new products for the company. At Hunter Engineering we created a new kind of sensor which used lasers and cameras to scan the interior of the wheel and transmit the point clouds back to the PC. Once on the computer, I created algorithms for deciphering the pattern of dots even when there was missing or extra information in the image. Probabilistic learning algorithms were used to merge artificial intelligence and computer vision into a product for the company. I was a part of the product from initial conception through purchasing components through manufacturing and calibrations. When the company shipped the product it was a huge success. At Mobisante, I formed a team of extremely talented engineers from diverse backgrounds. We created a culture of disciplined openness. We were an agile team and within one year of formation we were able to create an ultrasound system and get CE clearance. I created an industrial design to house components close to the tablet shielded from the outside. We worked hard and we also enjoyed life having wine on Fridays during a weekly debrief. It was a fantastic startup with serious engineers. I enjoy creating products and would like to work for a group which is on the leading edge of research and development where I can contribute my determined resourcefulness to products, and achieve groundbreaking results. I excel at rapid prototyping by combining various technologies in innovative and creative fashions. We can help focus development to align with the companies vision by applying new technologies to improve products and team productivity together. Thank you for your consideration.


  • M.S. in Computer Engineering: Washington University
  • B.S. in Computer Science: Concordia University
  • Minor: Physics, Mathematics: Concordia University
  • GPA: 3.75

Professional History

  • 18–P Principal R&D Engineer, Cognitive Spring (StL)
  • 16–18 Principal Software Engineer, Mobisante (StL)
  • 11–16 Principal R&D Engineer, Hunter Engineering (StL)
  • 06–11 Senior Software Engineer, Byrne Software (StL)
  • 04–06 Software Engineer, BBA (UK, India)

Worked Experience:

  • London (2004)
  • Kolkata(2005)
  • Saint Louis(2006)
  • 20 years of engineering experience
  • Note: 12 years of leadership experience
  • Target Role: Leading a team of engineers, as a very solid individual contributor

Relevant Projects

  • cSpring Biped Robot
  • Wash UAV autonomous helicopter
  • STRIPES planning algorithms
  • Nonlinear Voronoi diagram with Google maps Simultaneous localization and mapping
  • 3D point cloud for optic flow in SLAM algorithms Neural Network Back Propagation in TensorFlow Support
  • Vector Machines for Machine Learning

Relevant Technologies

  • Python, C++, SQL, Javascript, Swift, Objective C, Assembly, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Eclipse, TFS, GIT, OpenCV, OpenNI, TensorFlow, PyTorch