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7 features that could make ios7 a huge success for apple (AAPL) in 2013
4/5/2013 8:11:00 AM
There are reports all over the internet about apple diverting resources from mac to ios7.

Here are 7 features that could make ios7 a huge success for Apple (AAPL) in 2013
1) 3rd party apps for Apple TV
2) Full blown user accounts for ios (tablet, phone), SYNCED in iCloud
3) Siri integration for 3rd party apps.
4) Siri Alerts such as: (Siri, let me know if there is traffic on my way to work.)
5) Better suggestions for Podcasts, and seamless Play Mode between Podcasts in Favorites.
6) Siri on Apple TV
7) iAd Videos for 3rd party apps

Here is how they will help the customers.
1) Allow Discovery, History, ESPN channels to have an app for appleTV
2) Allow us to use ANY phone to do what our phone does... Same with tablet. It moves my Apple Presence off of my device and onto iCloud. Ultimately It means you might buy extra iPads and leave them in different places like you might do with pads of paper. One for work, the other for the living room, one by the bed, leave one in the kitchen? If my profile TRULY is everywhere SYNCED then I don't only need one iPad, I need MANY.
3) Allow Siri to answer questions BASED on what apps you have on you phone! This not only gives siri more information, but also more CONTEXT.
4) Warn me about traffic as I'm leaving so that I can take a different route.
5) Compete with YouTube in allowing continuous play mode where podcasts become channels.
6) Allow us to control the tv, launch apps, and answer questions from apple tv.
7) Allow more interesting advertisements to appear on applications, encourage 3rd parties like discovery channel to see a profit for adopting an appleTV app. Allows Apple to Lure more to it's platform giving us better content.

Here is how they make Apple money.
1) Apple TV sales would explode!
2) iPhone and iPad sales increase as people buy iPad's for locations rather than always carrying one around.
3) iPhone sets itself apart again, and increases sales.
4) iPhone sets itself apart again, and increases sales.
5) Apple TV sales increase as people see Apple TV as more of a legitimate alternative.
6) Apple TV sales increase as people see Apple TV as useful.
7) Allows apple to set a precedence for selling advertisement that is linked to video. This is the most profitable of all. This is what allows apple to not only integrate revenue from AppleTV, but it allows them to begin to take over the television advertising industry. This is the largest of all. This is the new market of dominance. Apple will not only go after the TV Set industry next year with flat panels, but because of their dominance in iTunes, and the advent of 3rd party apps on appleTV it will allow them to take over the advertizing industry as well, giving them 10% of a 144 billion dollar industry!

Are your LTE upload speeds actually slower than your 4G upload speeds?
10/3/2012 6:59:00 AM

Are your LTE upload speeds actually slower than your 4G upload speeds?

4G refers to apples half baked but ingenious idea to put two 3G radio's in the iPhone 4S so that they could connect to multiple towers at once and multiplex their data transfer. In a world of multitasking it actually makes a lot of sense. Two separate applications could be using two radio's at once and both have full speed 3G connection.

Especially in a world where multiple cores are doing many things behind the scenes this makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure why they dont extend this even for 4G? They should let all three radios be used by different processes. They are after all 4 resources that just want to be consumed.

But back to the point, I'm finding that in areas where AT&T has spotty coverage my 4G upload is actually faster. This is a big problem for a lot of internet traffic since TCPIP is very "Chatty" it requires quick communication both Up and Down.

So is this a Saint Louis thing or is this what everyone is experiencing?

Are Apps the New Website?
10/12/2011 9:43:00 AM

Are Apps the New Website?

The web is all about communication. It was all about expression. But it’s a cold dark existence to imagine having a website that no one ever goes to. 

The web is like a store front, the web is like a billboard, the web is a business card.
The thing is that for a company to connect with its customers or users, the web is no longer sufficient, though for things like a business card or a billboard, it’s still best.

For connecting with customers, there is nothing better than PUSH Notifications, and there is nothing better than clicking a button and getting the content I want. Ultimately A browser is not only one extra click, it’s several. Open the Browser, Click on bookmark tab or Address Bar, Click on bookmark or start typing… all before my content is served. 

Even things like benefit from the ease of one click access. 

Sure some of these can be made by placing a bookmark on the desktop. However you lose other functionality as well… In order to control the way the content looks on your customers screen you will have to format the website for their device anyway! Why not just format it within the app?

Finally… there is the barrier to entry. For developing an App you need license fees from apple… HOWEVER this too is akin to the hosting fees or server cost of a website. 

In the end there is no better advertisement to be had than being in the top lists of the app store, and there is no better reminder of your content’s value than a push notification when your news happens. 

If you have content you want your customers to consume, your answer is an APP, not a website. App first, website second for the first time in history.

The Stock Market is like a Rollar Coaster
10/3/2011 9:52:00 AM
The stock market is like a roller coaster:

The stock market is like a roller coaster ride
You must invest against the tide
Always at the bottom of the big hill
All investors release their shrill.

The Goal of any investors thrill
Is to invest at the bottom of the big hill.
Though at this time what anyone learns
Is about the nauseating twists and turns

Eventually the ride begins anew
There will always be a new hill for you
Just as the bubble grows and begins to pop
The ride goes down into an endless drop

People who cannot take the ride
should pull their money and safely hide
But those who stay buckled in
Know that the stouthearted can win.

Though this car goes through furious rides
will always return to the station where it resides.

But like any roller coaster this one will ALWAYS return to the station, and eventually always begin climbing a hill again.

The goal of any investor should be to invest when the ride is fast and furious at the bottom of the big hill knowing that many nauseating twists and turns are around the next bend... because it's people who can take the ride who will stay buckled in when the car returns to the station.