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Are Apps the New Website?
10/12/2011 9:43:00 AM

Are Apps the New Website?

The web is all about communication. It was all about expression. But it’s a cold dark existence to imagine having a website that no one ever goes to. 

The web is like a store front, the web is like a billboard, the web is a business card.
The thing is that for a company to connect with its customers or users, the web is no longer sufficient, though for things like a business card or a billboard, it’s still best.

For connecting with customers, there is nothing better than PUSH Notifications, and there is nothing better than clicking a button and getting the content I want. Ultimately A browser is not only one extra click, it’s several. Open the Browser, Click on bookmark tab or Address Bar, Click on bookmark or start typing… all before my content is served. 

Even things like benefit from the ease of one click access. 

Sure some of these can be made by placing a bookmark on the desktop. However you lose other functionality as well… In order to control the way the content looks on your customers screen you will have to format the website for their device anyway! Why not just format it within the app?

Finally… there is the barrier to entry. For developing an App you need license fees from apple… HOWEVER this too is akin to the hosting fees or server cost of a website. 

In the end there is no better advertisement to be had than being in the top lists of the app store, and there is no better reminder of your content’s value than a push notification when your news happens. 

If you have content you want your customers to consume, your answer is an APP, not a website. App first, website second for the first time in history.