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The Stock Market is like a Rollar Coaster
10/3/2011 9:52:00 AM
The stock market is like a roller coaster:

The stock market is like a roller coaster ride
You must invest against the tide
Always at the bottom of the big hill
All investors release their shrill.

The Goal of any investors thrill
Is to invest at the bottom of the big hill.
Though at this time what anyone learns
Is about the nauseating twists and turns

Eventually the ride begins anew
There will always be a new hill for you
Just as the bubble grows and begins to pop
The ride goes down into an endless drop

People who cannot take the ride
should pull their money and safely hide
But those who stay buckled in
Know that the stouthearted can win.

Though this car goes through furious rides
will always return to the station where it resides.

But like any roller coaster this one will ALWAYS return to the station, and eventually always begin climbing a hill again.

The goal of any investor should be to invest when the ride is fast and furious at the bottom of the big hill knowing that many nauseating twists and turns are around the next bend... because it's people who can take the ride who will stay buckled in when the car returns to the station.